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Windows 11 release happened 10/8/2021 4:24 PM PDT

Windows 11 just got released 3 days ago, and I thought that Windows 10 would be the last OS ever. But no there is a New windos we lied about thr service thingie. So, now that Windows 11 is out, and I canít experience it for myself (although Iíve been able to through a VM), what are my thoughts for it? To be honest, I donít think Iíll mind or care using Windows 11 whenever I get a new computer or something. Not even the personalization and the taskbar settings (talk about a guy whoís mostly been using Windows 10 for most of its windows adventure). If it doesnít make my computer slow, then I donít mind. If it does then Iíll mind definitely

What is 9 + 10? Ė 9/10/21 9:10 AM PDT


ÖHello? Can you hear me? Ė 9/2/2021 8:23 PM PDT

While I was gone for the past 6 days, Iíve been messing with my Windows XP computer more. I havenít been able to use my laptop because itíll be slow. Iíve been waiting for a replacement charger and fan for my laptop. While the charger did work, the fan did not fit physically. So, weíre gonna have to get a new fan. But this aside, Iíve still managed to make some videos there and collect some files too by downloading it, especially the Windows 20th theme pack thatís been recently archived. Canít wait to extract the files from the screensaver (NOBODY STEAL MY IDEA). Iíve also gotten a theme patcher (sp3 is literally 1984), and Iíve been having a wild time with themes. WINDOWS 11 RUNNING AT AN OLD COMPUTER? IMPOSSIBLE! NO WAY BRO!! So, yeah. Also I forgot this site is more than a month old god dangit why did I miss that

My CPU fan died Ė 8/26/2021 8:27 PM PDT

Absolutely unrelated to all this charger and battery stuff. All I did was just bang my table for a couple of times and heard my fan going ďblulullulluulluuluuuĒ like it just stopped spinning. And then it got slower which I expected so I tried restarting, and nothing happened. Then later when I came back to it after doing stuff I restarted it again only to see a screen going ďYour CPU Fan is not responding properlyĒ. So, thatís a problem. I told my brother about it and he was like we get a new fan or we get a new computer. My dad didnít know what to do about this. I guess Iím gonna have to deal with this. The keyboard is hot as Iím typing this my god I gotta get this problem solved fast

Computer Update Ė 8/22/2021 1:01 AM PDT

So, itís been 10 days since Iíve made that blog post. Iíve figured out how to make the laptop perform nicely, which is letting the laptop decide the performance longer and keep it plugged in. Itís not really bad now, but the only downside of it is voice chatting with friends. Iíve gotta be in another room so I could voice chat with them otherwise my parents would get annoyed by me and would tell me to stop. Iíve now have to use my phone just to voice that but then using a phone gets boring fast. Iím not sure what causes boredom with a phone, I guess itís gotta be the limitability. I cannot run most applications there like what I have with my computer does and donít have any files on hand. Discord wonít use the Google Photos feature thing so Iíve gotta get to photos, download the picture, and send it. But even then, the apps that have this Photos ability wonít let you search for photos like what it looks like or the filename. So yeah, I donít know how long Iím gonna keep using this laptop. Maybe a couple more months I guess. I might probably switch to the iMac when my dad gets the newer model (the one we have right now is like 8 years now and still functions properly, goodness). And I would like to mention, whenever the laptop gets to sleep mode and I wake it up the CPU is like way up into the sky and it disconnects itself from the internet connection for some godforsaken reason and Iíve got to restart it. I have to go through the ďYUR WATAGE TYPE IS UNREGOCNIABLEĒ screen and then connect to the internet in the lock screen (so I donít have to deal with that later) and wait for it to load up. And Iíve gotta close that Escargot thing because barely nobody uses it anymore (no offense). It gets annoying really fast. So like I said, I donít know how long Iím gonna keep using this laptop. Until then, Iím gonna have to deal with this.

My computer sucks. Ė 8/12/2021 11:39 AM PDT

Iíve had this laptop for over 2 years and itís finally hit a snag. The laptop wonít even recognize its own charger, so what does it do? It cuts the CPU performance in half making things slower. Everytime I try to join in a call with my friends itís always distorted audio. I could just keep it unplugged so it could perform faster, but like I said, its over 2 years old. What else do you want me to say? I can just only imagine what school would be next week. Oh boy. Thanks Dell. Expecting to get the iMac next week.

WHYYYYY Ė 7/30/2021 10:33 PM PDT

I was working on the gallery and then added an image in the 2020 section, BUT THEN REALIZED I GOTTA DO THE WHOLE LINKS TO PHOTOS ALL OVER AGAIN WHYYY GOD WHYYYY

My website is so cool Ė 7/26/2021 11:54 PM PDT

My website it so cool and you guys cant deny it. No proof otherwise. Hahahahah lol aaugh its almost midnight what am I doing